26 February 2016

Huff! - It's Too Much (2013) - All Songs Lyrics and Videos

Huff! It's Too Much is a 2013 Hindi film directed by Pushkar Jog and produced by Sandip Patel. The film stars Pushkar Jog and Armeena Rana Khan in lead roles, while Omar Khan, Mona Kiren, Humayun Zubairi, Niks Vaja plays a supporting roles.
Soundtrack of the film is composed by Saii-Piyush and lyrics are written by Sarim Momin, Pushkar Jog.

Here is the link of all the songs lyrics and videos of Huff! - It's Too Much.

1. Its Too Much (Title Song)
2. Kyun Aise
3. Soniyo
4. Sooni Sooni
5. Yeh Lamhe Ude Ude

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