2 February 2016

Luv.....Phir Kabhie (2014) - All Songs Lyrics & Videos

Luv.....Phir Kabhie is a 2014 Bollywood romantic drama film produce and directed by Ajay Yadav. The film stars Saurabh Roy, Arijita Roy, Meghna Patel, Narendra Bedi in lead roles.
The soundtrack of the film is composed by Bubli Haque, Ashfaque Ahmedand lyrics were penned by Tanveer Gazi.

Here is the link of all the songs lyrics and videos of Luv.....Phir Kabhie.

1. Hoge Na Juda
2. Mahi Tu Dil Rahi
3. Surmai Sa Aasmaan
4. Golden Jubilee

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